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Burrberry Frozen Yogurt
$10 of yogurt, coffee or smoothies for $5


Unlike ice cream, frozen yogurt has only been around since the 1970’s and really only popular since the 1980’s. That's because people didn't like it when it was introduced. The history is not really that interesting and it is definitely not as tasty or as low fat as the froyo itself. Ok, the information may be low fat because really there are no calories in information but still I think the history of frozen yogurt may be a little more trivia than you or I can handle.

So let’s talk about the brief history of waffles. Yay, the history of waffles! The discovery of waffles can be traced back to the Greeks who used to cook obelios which were flat cakes cooked between two metal plates.

Then during the Middle Ages cooks wanted to compete for the religious wafer market so the better tasting waffle was born. The waffle world exploded; waffle irons were in coat of arms, religious symbols and even literature like the Canterbury Tales. The Pilgrims brought the waffle to America where the recipes stuck like maple syrup.

Thomas Jefferson was the first to serve waffles in the White House and America got its first taste of a Belgian waffle at the 1964 World’s Fair. The Eggo was invented by some brothers in San Jose and Kellogg bought the recipe and has sold millions of the tasty treats. I told you it was going to be a brief history.

Burrberry’s Frozen Yogurt serves not only yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies but they have a full coffee bar with mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. They also have delicious gourmet waffles for you to enjoy.

Today’s deal is $10 of food or drink from Burrberry Frozen Yogurt for $5 which is exactly why I tell you the history of both frozen yogurt and waffles. Not that you actually need to know the history of the stuff you eat. Sometimes however it's kind of cool to know that you are eating the same thing as Chaucer or proving those wackos in the 1970s who didn’t like frozen yogurt that you have better taste.

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Burrberry Frozen Yogurt
1622 19th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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