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El Taco Fresco
$15 of Food for $7.50


Chips and salsa are the quintessential party food. They go together like peas and carrots which are not party foods. There are many other aspects that make C&S, for short, a party right as opposed to a party foul, the aforementioned peas and carrots. There is the saltiness and spiciness that makes chips and salsa a good compliment to drinks because they make you drink more. Then there is the ease of chips and salsa which varies by your level of “in to it.”

For the lazy or the harried, they are an easy grab and go on the way to the party. Besides the overwhelming amounts of salsa to choose from and the nearly as many chip choices, the stop and shop could slow you down. The truly lazy and or late will grab the first of each they see with little regard to taste or size, making the decision a no-brainer. This helps them make up those precious minutes they spent waiting for their date to finish getting ready or waiting on themselves to get ready.

The not so lazy or on time party go-er has a bit more of a challenge. They will have to wade through the plethora of salsas because there’s refrigerated kind, the off brand kind in the chip aisle, the kind with the chip’s name on it, the hot, medium, mild, the fresh kind and the kind that looks fresh but is probably not so fresh. Then there are the chips that are restaurant style, the kind in the shape of little bowls, the lightly salted, the unsalted, the triangular or the strip making this choice of party food a tough one for the conscientious buyer.

The over achiever will reduce all the stress of the myriad of choices by making their own salsa and the true over achiever will make their own chips days ahead of time. Today’s deal is a restaurant that fits into the over achiever category. 

Today’s deal gets you twice the food for your dollar. It is $15 of delicious Mexican food for just $7.50 at  El Taco Fresco. They have been serving delicious food since 2007. They have a large selection of menu choices including one of the best taco deals in town, a three taco combo for just $4.99. 

So if you need to pick up some great tasting food on the way to your next party or if you're looking for some delicious food anytime, El Taco Fresco will fit the bill. Of course, they can’t help get your date ready on time.

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El Taco Fresco
1431 California Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93304
Weekdays 7am - 12am Weekends 7am - 12am
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