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Bakersfield Athletic Supply/Equipment
$40 of Merchandise for $20


There are a lot of sports. In the Summer Olympics alone, there are 31 sports. There are far too many sports to count, at least for me. So let’s just agree that there are a lot of sports and a lot of those sports can be seen on one of the top sports channels like ESPN.

There are a lot of sports on ESPN that you and I might not consider a sport also. Take hot dog eating, for instance, not really a sport more of a contest. Billiards is more of a geometry exam, poker a game of probability and there is a high probability, I will not have a winning hand. There’s also baseball, it's like standing in a grassy field for a couple of hours. I mean hitting some rock-like ball being thrown at you at 90 miles an hour from 90 feet away and hitting it with a stick, how hard is that? And softball is just hitting a bigger rock.

But no matter what you and I think about these "non-sports", there is always someone who will argue that they are a sport and they are much harder than they look. And it is even harder without the proper equipment. How’s that for a smooth transition into today’s deal? The deal is $40 of sporting goods for $20 at Bakersfield Athletic Supply/Equipment. B.A.S.E. should be your source for team sports sporting goods. This deal will help you get twice as much of the equipment that you need

It’s full of sporting goods. There is not one sporting bad in the whole place. Come on, you knew I was going to work that in somewhere. They have stuff for every team sport. They have shoes, clothes, balls, helmets, mitts, gloves and everything else you might need. They are after all the only true team sports store in town. They also do custom embroidery, silk screening and CDC uniforms.

They have everything for the team sports enthusiast at Bakersfield Athletic Supply/Equipment. This deal will help you get $40 of those team sports goods for $20 I want to warn you however there is not one team hot dog eating supply in the whole place. You’ll have to find your mustard and relish elsewhere.

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3900 Coffee Road
Suite 15
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Hours: Weekdays 10 am to 6 pm - Weekends 9 am to 5 pm
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