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$12 of Roller Skating for $6


Here’s a movie you probably never saw, or if you did, wished you hadn’t, Roller Boogie. That’s right Linda Blair and her roller disco buddies fight to keep the disco roller rink open as the end nears for disco. It was… well not very good however it is a great way to remember those musical days of the disco era.

Remember those days of mirror balls, white suits, dolphin shorts, roller skates and leg warmers? Of course, not to mention roller boogieing to the Trampps, Bee Gees and Lipps Inc which I only realized recently said fast enough Lipps Inc sounds like lip sync. Hmmm… maybe that’s where Milli Vanilli got the idea.That’s right youngn’s before it was on Shrek, Lipps Inc’s anthem "Funky Town" was a disco hit of the 70’s.

Anyway, for some roller disco-ing to “Stayin’ Alive” meant trying not to be run over by the real skaters. It really should have been “Stayin’ Vertical” for many.  A lot of people were roller boogie challenged which is probably what brought the whole fad to a toe break stop, not many could do it.

But even if you couldn't skate that well, going to the skate rink and rollerskating was pretty fun because there was so much other stuff to do like skating conga lines, crack the whip, the limbo and of course, the hokey pokey. That is a great lead in to today’s deal which is $12 of roller skating for $6 at Rollerama and Rollerama West. There are two locations to choose from to use the tickets, the original location on 34th Street near Memorial Hospital and the other is on Brimhall at Coffee Road.

Rollerama has been providing a fun, healthy and safe recreation for the entire community since 1957. This is a great family fun activity especially with Christmas vacation coming. Take the entire family for a good time. They also have some great birthday, private and semi-private party packages available for you. Can’t skate? Rollerama has lessons available for you or the kids so everyone can enjoy themselves.

So even though they no longer blast out the Trampps “Disco Inferno” for you to roller boogie, there are still those other fun roller skating things to do. You should buy today’s deal which is $12 of Roller skating for $6 at Rollerama and Rollerama West and head on down for some of that roller skating fun. I’ll be there, I‘ll look for you when you put your left arm in and shake it all about. I'll be the one turning myself about.

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$12 of Roller Skating for $6 at Rollerama
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$12 of Roller Skating for $6 at Rollerama West
Deal Over

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You had until Sun, Dec 23 2012 12:00 AM to purchase this deal.

1004 34th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Call or check the website for skate times
Rollerama West
7890 Brimhall Road
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Call or check the website for skate times
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