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Taco Pronto
$20 of Food for $10


Going to the grocery can be a tricky affair for some people and when I say some, I mean me. One challenge is, of course, finding the exact food or ingredient needed without having to pull an E.T. and phone home. “Did you say tarragon or terrapin? Because you know one is a turtle right? Honey, you know it’s also the mascot of…huh? Right you said , tarragon, okay I’ll find it.” I'm always trying to spread my trivia even to my wife.

Another challenge is the price, there are a lot of times that pricing at the grocery can be quite confusing. Buy 10 for $10 seems like pretty easy math but if you start getting into get 50% off when you buy 6 and 25% off when you buy 3. It can start to get a little overwhelming and in many cases a calculator is a handy shopping tool.

Produce is sometimes by the pound and sometimes by the piece which can be a challenge for me. This leads me to today’s real story, once we were invited to a party and I was going to make my previously well received guacamole.

I went to the store and got the necessary ingredients including the avocados. The avocados were on sale so I thought I would buy a few extra and make a lot of the tasty green stuff. They were on sale for $1.25 each. Unfortunately for me I thought it was a $1.25 per pound. I loaded up the bag with about 20 which weighed in at about 6 pounds or so. So I get up the register and bam you should have seen my face when the total was about 15 bucks more than I thought all because I didn’t know the difference between pound and each. I bought them anyway and had good laugh all the way home.

Somehow, this brings us to today’s deal $20 of food for $10 at Taco Pronto in the southwest. Taco Pronto has great food. When I lived in their delivery zone, I had them on speed dial. Delivery is prompt and the food is delivered hot and tasty. They boast that they have the best delivery Mexican food in town. I can’t argue.

Taco Pronto also boasts that real Mexican food is an exquisite combination of a variety of ingredients, mostly high in fiber, with plenty of complex carbohydrates, protein and a good balance of vitamins. If seen in this light, then Mexican food would seem to have everything required to form part of a healthy, daily diet. It is both low in fat and very rich in nutrients.

Today’s deal is much easier to understand than some other deals you might see. It is $20 of food for $10 at Taco Pronto. You can have some delicious Mexican food delivered or you can go and pick it up either way get some guacamole. It’s really good and you won’t need to know if the avocados are sold by the pound or each.

Valid until 90 day(s) after purchase date. Paid amount does not expire.
Cash back for unused portion? NO
Minimum purchase $20.
Minimum order for delivery is $25
Limited delivery area and delivery fees may apply. Call for details
No cash value.
Not valid with any other coupon, offer or promotion.
Tax and gratuity not included.
One voucher per day.
No refunds. All sales are final.
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Taco Pronto
4800 White Lane
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11 am to 7:30 pm Friday & Saturday 11 am to 8:30 pm
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