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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
$75 of plumbing repairs for $15


You know that old saying, “You learn something new everyday?” Well that’s one of our aims here at Daily Deals for you; you come here get a great deal, save money and learn something new everyday. Of course, there are times I learn something new in researching stuff so you can learn something new and today is one of them.

Plumbing has been around since ancient times. I sort of knew that but what I did not know is that the Egyptians built elaborate bathrooms in the pyramids for the entombed to use on the long journey to the other side. They even used coppersmiths. King Minos was the first to use a flushing toilet but the technology was lost due to a cataclysmic volcano.

It was the Romans who really had an impact on plumbing. They developed sewers, public baths with heated water and of course, the aqueducts which are something even I knew about. By the mid 19th century, indoor plumbing started showing up in the nicer houses and the rest is recent history. Plumbing has a pretty interesting history; if you get a chance you should do some reading up on it.

But for now the trivia stops and the deal explaining begins. Today’s deal is $75 of plumbing service for $15 from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, The Punctual Plumber. The voucher includes free home plumbing safety inspection at no extra charge. By punctual they mean they have an on time code they live by and they back it up with a guarantee which is "if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay."® So if they’re not on time, they'll pay you $5.00 per each minute they are late up to $300.00. If you have ever sat and waited for any service person to come to your home and they have arrived a couple hours late just like I did this weekend then you will appreciate this guarantee.

They also want your complete satisfaction with both their service and plumbers so they have a 100% guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing also wants you to know exactly what you are getting into so they will always carefully evaluate your situation and provide you with an exact price that you approve of before any work begins.

So let me recap, free home plumbing safety inspection, on time or they pay you, 100% customer satisfaction, and an exact price up front, not to mention today’s deal of $75 of service for $15 all from Ben Franklin Plumbing. Oh yeah and now you know they had bathrooms in the pyramids. All in all, pretty good.

Valid until 01/01/2013 12:00 AM. Paid amount does not expire.
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Does not apply to "Call Out" fee.
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One voucher per visit.
Not valid with any other promotion.
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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
3129 Allen Rd. Suite B
Bakersfield, CA 93314
Hours: 24 hours - 7 days a aweek
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