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Creation Craze
$20 of Pottery to Paint for $10


Since the dawn of time, man has painted stuff. Cavemen looked at the stone walls of their cave and said, “That wall could really use some paint.” Okay let’s be real, cave woman said to cave man, “That wall could really use some paint. Stop watching the woolly mammoth show and get on that will ya.” And thus the ‘honey do’ was born.

Now just as it was then, painting stuff doesn’t just involve the interior of dwellings. It also includes vases, cups, plates, tables, chairs and of course you have to paint your wagon, a musical theater reference for you. Just about every inanimate object needs to have some paint on it. It just makes life more colorful.

One thing about painting stuff is that beauty is in the eye of the paintbrush holder. As long as something is painted it doesn’t really matter what color it is or for that matter how well it is painted. Just the fact that it is painted is enough. I mean it helps if it is well painted and in a nice color but in most cases anything painted is better than the same thing unpainted.

Today’s deal fits perfect with this topic, imagine that? It is $20 of pottery to paint for $10 from Creation Craze Studio in the northwest. I love this deal. Painting is fun and Creation Craze has a great selection of stuff to paint.

The way it works is you go there pick something that you would like to paint, paint it with the paint they supply for free and leave it there for a couple of days. Then you come back and pick up the completed product. When you leave it they will put it in a kiln and “fire” it, this makes the special paint you used to become more colorful and glossy. It’s almost like magic.

Creation Craze is locally owned and operated and there is never a sitting fee so all you pay for is the pottery you are going to paint. Today’s deal makes that pottery even less expensive because you are getting half off. They have a great selection of grown up and kids stuff. As a matter of fact they have such a good selection, it took me longer to decide what to paint than painting it for me. The grown up stuff includes coffee mugs, platters, pitchers, jewelry boxes and much more. They also have a private room for parties if you want to get a group to together for a painting party.

This is a great activity for all ages. Paint something for yourself or paint something to give as a unique one of a kind personalized gift.

I will tell you from experience it is more fun than you might think and I felt that it is very relaxing. I mean some could argue that this is every bit as relaxing as our massage deals. So buy today’s deal $20 of pottery to paint for $10 from Creation Craze Studio, release your inner cave person and paint stuff

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Creation Craze
9680 Hageman Rd. Suite D
Bakersfield, CA 93312
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 am to 6 pm Friday - Saturday 10 am to 8 pm Sunday 12 pm to 5pm
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