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Central California Hypnosis
Weight Control Workshop & Hypnotherapy Session for $39.99 ($175 Value)

Today's Daily Deal is a 2hr Weight Control Workshop and one complementary Hypnotherapy Session (non-transferable) for $39.99 from Central California Hypnosis.

Central California Hypnosis is a private Hypnotherapy practice providing individual, private and group sessions specializing in the areas of weight control, smoking cessation, self-esteem and motivation, concentration, memorization, exam preparation, and sports performance.


Hypnosis is an experience in which the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed and comfortable natural state, as the subconscious mind remains alert and receptive to positive suggestions for change.  Some people describe it as being in a specific “trance” (or comfort zone) disregarding or blocking distractions while concentrating on a particular feeling, thought, memory, desire, or sensation.

For example: 

  • Have you ever watched an interesting movie and have found yourself completely emerged in it emotionally, as it awoke strong feelings like sadness, happiness, pride, anger, etc.?  
  • How about when you are among others and for a moment realize that you had been (daydreaming) aware of the situation and the conversation, yet your entire concentration was somewhere else? 
  • Or, have you ever experienced driving to a specified location and although, you were paying attention to the road, traffic, your speed and driving conditions, all of a sudden you notice passing your destination, making the wrong turn or taking the wrong exit on the freeway? 


Many people refer to hypnosis for what they have seen during stage hypnosis shows, which are used and designed for entertainment purposes only.  What many of those people do not know is that therapeutic hypnosis is used to improve one’s health and well-being, and is quite different from stage hypnosis.

The benefit of therapeutic hypnosis is to help address health issues like losing weight, smoking cessation, or controlling fears/phobias where other methods have failed.  In other words, therapeutic hypnosis is used towards the suggestion and enforcement of positive behaviors and cannot cause a person to do anything against their free will or ethics.

Just like in any sport, you need a coach to help you with proper guidance and re-enforcement, as a hypnotherapists, we do the same, and as your “mental coach” we help and guide you with positive re-enforcement and suggestions to help you achieve a specific goal or goals.

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All Sessions are set by appointment only.
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Central California Hypnosis
1615 V Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301
By Appointment Only.
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